Did your pet chew your carpet? Or scratched it a little too hard? Or did the cherry of a cigarette fall on the carpet? Or did the sputtering ambers from the barbeque get on the carpet? If yes, then immediately get in touch with carpet repairs and invisible mending professionals in Gold Coast. Cigarettes and pets are one of the most common causes of holes in the carpet.

Alongside these causes, there are several other reasons, such as accidents, rough scratches, and hard spills that can ruin the look and degrade the value of the flooring. Carpet holes are not the end for the carpet or the sign for carpet replacement Gold Coast.

You can repair your carpet just like a professional carpet hole repair Gold Coast technician using a small repair kit and proper knowledge.

To repair a carpet hole at a domestic place, you require to know the carpet patch method. It is one of the easiest carpet repair methods and does not even take a lot of time. Professional carpet hole repair Gold Coast technicians use this technique to repair all sorts of carpet holes. Learn about carpet repairs and invisible mending in six simple steps.

Steps for Carpet Hole Repair Using Carpet Patching Technique

1. Measure the damaged carpet area – It is always essential to measure the damaged area using a measuring tape. This helps in getting an exact idea of the area that needs to be extracted from the flooring. Even it will indicate how much replacement carpet you need to make the patch.

2. The Damaged Area from the Flooring – Carefully remove the affected area using a sharp knife or other carpet cutting tools. Take extra precautions while extracting the damaged area and ensure that you are not damaging other portions such as the padding due to the pressure.

3. Find Remnant Carpet and Take the Proportions – It is essential to take into consideration that the patch should be an exact match. Any deviation in the design or pattern will make the patchwork visible. Look for a remnant carpet available from the installation time. Cut the replacement carpet with equal dimension and trim all the sides.

4. Use a Double-Sided Tape – Take a double-sided tape and cut an inch longer than the damaged spot to ensure that the tape does not make its way through the edges. Peel the adhesive side and stick it in the center of the damaged area. Tap the tape gently to fix it in the position.

5. Patch The Carpet Hole and Trim Uneven Fibers

Carefully position the new carpet patch inside the removed spot. Ensure that     the pile direction is matching. Also, if there are patterns or designs, make sure that they are in sync with the carpet. After fastening the new piece, trim the uneven fibers to make the patchwork invisible.

6. Pile Restoration – Use a thick-tooth comb and gently brush the pile to make them comfortable again. Use a scissor or other carpet repair tool and further trim the uneven fibers.

Tips and Warnings While Doing Carpet Hole Repair Gold Coast 

If you accidentally cut the padding, fix it using wide duct tape.

If you do not have an extra matching carpet at the home or store. Take a piece from the hidden spot, such as the closet, under the furniture, or corner.

Always use a sharp blade or knife for the best results.

Use caution when using a utility knife.

So, before opting for carpet replacement Gold Coast, repair the carpets. If you feel repairing carpets is challenging, get in touch with professionals for the most desirable result.

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